The Cross House

10, 11, 12…SQUEE!!!!!!!!

The center stone plinth is not original. It was added in the 1990s to support the big curve of the roof, with a 6×6 post between roof and plinth. But I realized that the roof did not need any support as it is ingeniously constructed. So, I removed the column in 2014, and today….(scroll way down).





















…the big sweep is back!!!!!!!!


I call this the big sweep because the cornice sweeps around the corner. As will the railing and lattice.

The latter two will be in by the end of the year! And what a thrill it will be, too, to get the rest of the porch ceiling painted! Mildew be gone!



5 Responses to 10, 11, 12…SQUEE!!!!!!!!

  1. Oh, beSquire me, porch roof,
    How thy cantilever doth sing!
    A song of confidence
    in the key of craft;
    May thy engineer-ring!

  2. Ah, what a relief – it’s so freeing! I feel like this is going to really get the ol’ motivation ball rolling even faster. Everything is moving toward the south side and it just gets more exciting!
    I feel like grabbing my bucket & brushes, loading up my podcasts and joining in your painting party! 😊

  3. I hope you’re saving any of those rocks that are intact? Sooner or later you will find something to do with them, usually right after you’ve gotten rid of them.

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