A Curiosity: 821 Market

Some houses just make one stop and think: What?

Such a house is 821 Market. I mean, WHAT happened to this house? WHAT did it originally look like?

The house is now divided into two condo units. Clearly, it was further altered. The hex-shaped windows are not original, and nor is the brick. A door, surely, must have been under the dormer window.

I tried to find an archival image but to no avail.

Thus, imagine my delight and surprise when…


821 Market.

821 Market. A most curious facade. Certainly there was once a door under the dormer. And some sort of porch. And the hexagon windows and brick and red siding are more Home Depot than 1890s.


This Sanborn map from 195 clearly shows the lost front porch.

This Sanborn map from 1905 confirms a lost front porch.



822 Sylvan. I was stunned to find a twin! I imagine the the front porch was originally more detailed. Where, oh where, are archival images????



822 Sylvan. Note the exaggerated dentil detail just under the eaves. I have seen this before.



822 Sylvan in 1911.

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