A Glamorous circa-1960 Hollywood-Regency Crystal Pair!


This past Saturday, I went to my very first voting caucus.

And arrived thirteen minutes late.

It was then that I learned: If a voter arrives late for a caucus, they cannot vote.

Geez. Poo.

Having driven 1.4 hours to the caucus destination, I was quite vexed with this discovery. But there was nothing I could do.

Miffed, I got back into the car. Then I thought: Is there an antique store in town?

About an hour later I drove away with a pair of gorgeous circa-1960 high-quality crystal chandeliers.

So, all was not lost. Well, the 2016 presidential election might be, but not glamour!


And beauties they be! And a pair! Zounds!



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2 Responses to A Glamorous circa-1960 Hollywood-Regency Crystal Pair!

  1. So the caucus isn’t local, it requires a bit of driving to get there. How is this representational government? Good score on the glamour goods

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