A Moe-Bridges Set


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I purchased a 1920s set by Moe-Bridges. Two chandeliers like this, a sweet 2-bulb ceiling fixture, and three sconces. I love matched sets.


Cool catalog drawing. The drawing shows a different finial but it was common that the early drawings different in small ways from the actual product. The textured finish was a Moe-Bridges hallmark. I once shipped such a set to a client who reacted poorly when she received them: “The fixtures are corroded!” She only calmed down after I found this catalog image.


None of the fixtures are restored yet. They require cleaning and some touching up of the polychrome.




And the sweet 2-bulb. The set would be ideal in a Spanish-Revival-style home, Arts & Crafts, or bungalow.




My online vintage lighting store.




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