A Reunion!


I saw this online. It was missing its glass shades. I passed on it. However, a while later, I thought: Don’t I have in storage a set of the original shades to this fixture?



Why, yes, I did. I love a good reunion. I can’t help but cry!


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  1. Mimi Riley on January 30, 2021 at 12:23 am

    I am looking for shade for a cast iron chandelier. Someone ( I don’t remember who it was suggested I contact you. I could send you a picture, or you could check my feed on IG. My IG name is badmimi44. The globe I’m looking for is 14 rows down from the top in the middle section. There were 4 globes and one was broken. I’m trying to find a replacement for it. Whoever I suggested your name had mentioned that you do lighting. I’m trying to contact as many people as possible to find a replacement.
    Thank you
    Mimi Riley

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