A Sheffield Beauty

This was in a box in the basement of the Cross House. It dates between 1910 and 1920, I think. Was it installed in the house at some point? Or was it just stored, and left, in the basement? Well, after much ado, I finally got around to restoring it. And a knock-out it be!


The body of the chandelier, and the ceiling canopy, are deeply, exquisitely molded. Wow. There is also a rich patina.



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12 Responses to A Sheffield Beauty

  1. Were all the shades with it when you found it in the basement? If so, that’s quite a find indeed! I love how the ribbed pattern coordinates with the body of the fixture itself. Very neat.

  2. Well hey who cares if it’s never been installed! It’s been IN the Cross House for so long that it’s a part of its history. How neat is that! Is there somewhere appropriate you can install it? It’s absolutely beautiful.

  3. It doesn’t have to be original to be part of the cross house history, its likely been there for at least a century. I do hope you will install it somewhere in the cross house.

    • The previous owner purchased a lot of old lights on eBay. And he left a lot of these in the basement. I found one box STUFFED with 1890-ish gas fixtures which had never even been opened.

      I suspect that the Sheffield chandelier was an eBay purchase, too.

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