The Cross House

A Shimmering Rebirth

A few weeks ago I took the stained-glass windows from the octagon bedroom of the Cross House to Scott Hoefer so he, and Eric, could work their magic over them. Wanna see the results? Scroll way down…





















...I know! WOW!
…I know! WOW!


There are three such windows, all in the octagon tower. An arched-topped window is also in the room.

I am re-installing the panels in the BLAZING heat and direct sun, but geez, the results just make my heart soar.

As one walks through the room, the panels shimmer and shift color. The effect is quite pronounced, dazzling, and was nonexistent before the glass was cleaned. The panels were pretty, yes, but did not seem…alive.

Now they are.

Thanks, Scott! Thanks, Eric!





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