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Yet again, I was wandering through my vast storage vaults. I stopped before a large box. WHAT, I wondered, was in it? I opened the box. And gasped! THIS was in storage for how many years? THIS? The fixture is, I think, circa-1910 and it features wheel-cut shades. Each shade has…


…seven stars, which is particularly evident when walking around the fixture.




The fixture was rewired with gold plastic wire about twenty years ago. Before shipping, I will replace the plastic wire with cloth-covered wire which the fixture would have had originally. This is a normal practice for me as buyers often want the length changed. If I have already rewired a fixture, and a buyer wants it shorter, this is not a problem. But if a buyer wants the fixture longer this often entails my having to re-wire again. Ugh!




My online vintage lighting store.





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  1. Seth T Hoffman on April 21, 2018 at 7:55 pm

    That is a classy fixture!

    I often see newly-rewired prewar fixtures with plastic wire and wonder why. It looks so wrong.

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