The Cross House

Amy is MEAN!

Amy, and her husband, Doug, are restoring their own fabulous old house, and Amy sent me an email today.

She had scored big time on Craigslist.


Incredible. I need two such marble vanities for the Cross House.


Even more incredibly, Amy intended to keep the vanity, rather then donate it to the Cross House!

Can you believe it?

I am quite vexed.*



* I am not, of course, vexed. Well, maybe a little. But mostly I am thrilled for Amy and Doug, and their great find gives me hope that such vanities are out there.**

** I know such vanities exist, but are normally $1500 or more. I assume Amy also scored well on the price. So, I am crossing my fingers…



10 Responses to Amy is MEAN!

  1. I will spend the rest of forever trying to find two more for you. 🙂

    Also, the fact that you wrote a blog post about this made me laugh out loud and smile, which I GREATLY needed. The turret woodwork is, once again, proving to be horrific, and about 30 minutes ago I said out loud, “I wish we didn’t have a turret.”

    Of course, we all say things in anger and frustration that we don’t really mean….. but I may have to sit downstairs and just stare at the sink to take my mind off of things.

    And I won’t tell you what I paid for it. Because I still need you to like me, a little.

  2. There’s a similar sink in my parent’s attic ( I can’t believe they removed it and replaced it with a home depot pedestal sink in their 1904 house). It’s badly cracked though; I think a corner is missing.

  3. They’re out there Ross! Just keep looking! I picked one up at auction tonight for literally just a $20 bill, backsplash included. You’ll get lucky one of these days!

  4. Ross’s Cross Wish List Posse

    We need a list with accurate names and descriptions of things you want. Then we can form a posse of folks always on the lookout for items on the list, good deals, etc. I for one would be happy to snap up something for you if I ran across it and could afford to just nab it, or talk someone out of it. At the very least, we could tip you off to good finds. Maybe an email distribution list where people sign up and you occasionally send want list items to us? (I would also volunteer to help you with such a project, as my professional background includes email newsletter design and list management. And I’m just down the road in KCK!)

    Just a thought, because I am so, so, so in love with your project and the way you share its story with us. I could ho on about the particulars that make your story so compelling, but suffice it to say that I have, like so many of your readers, been inflamed by an intense desire to help in some way. I’d love to just give you money, if only I could… or a bucket truck!

    When I visit to catch up on your blog I can’t tear myself away and end up spending hours catching up on your saga. (Just last night I stayed up ’til 4 a.m. catching up since January of this year. After a brief nap, I’ve been continuing from 9 a.m. until now, 1 p.m. My husband is patiently waiting for me to finish and start our Sunday activities.)

    Sending a big, arms-wide hug to the house!

  5. The bathroom begins…yay! So exciting for you. I’m delighted that you do careful demo so that functional items can be re-used. The HGTV gut-it/smash-it practice is such a waste.


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