An Amazing 1940s Vintage Lightolier Chandelier

There are cars. And there are cars.

You can buy a new Ford Taurus for about $25,000.

Or, you could buy a new Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe for $400,000.

Both vehicles have four wheels, are fully equipped, safe, and will get you very comfortably from A to B.

But there’s still a world of difference between the two.

So, too, with clothes, houses, watches, and, why, even lighting.

I have a number of fixtures similar to the one listed here. All will light your room. All are lovely and fully restored, and with prices starting at less than $500.

But none of these fixtures are Rolls-Royces.

This one is:



For me, the Holy Grail of vintage lighting was this fixture. I mean it. I searched for years to find a complete version and was only able to find, very occasionally, the shade or the stem. Then I came across the fixture here. My heart stopped. For, the fixture was not only complete but (I gasped at the realization) it even retained its five original and unique glass drops (custom made by Lightolier for this fixture). At that moment I knew that life was, indeed, divine.



The shade is frankly astounding. Its flat shape is amazing enough, but it has flowers and leaves which are deeply molded into the glass. The outer color is an off-white. The inner color (as revealed by the flowers and leaves) is a pale golden color.



Oh my!



Above the shade is a stunning pineapple and the aforementioned rare-beyond-belief glass drops.



So incredibly rare. So exquisite.



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