The Cross House

An Eyebrow Scrape

Yesterday, I laid flat on my back, and scraped off 123-years of paint from the wood frame of the eyebrow window under the dining room. I LOVE THIS WINDOW. Then I sanded, and primed the ancient wood.


The sash is restored, and is sitting in the basement.

I am hoping to paint the frame tomorrow. If not, I lose the weather for a while.

Also, I have to recreate the rotted wood sill.

I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited about this small project soon being completed!




8 Responses to An Eyebrow Scrape

  1. Do you ever use chemical strippers or do you always scrape? I’m a virgin restorer about to get started on a ton of windows and would appreciate any advice.

    • Hi, Wendy!

      I do both, scrape and strip.

      It just depends on the situation.

      The stripper I use is by Klean Strip, Premium Stripper, STRONGEST. They also sell a milder stripper but I always use STRONGEST.

      The stuff is good! And make sure you wear gloves!

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