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I purchased this on eBay. I was the high bidder at $15.50. The quoted shipping was high, which I think scared off most buyers. The fixture, too, looked kinda banged up. Nonetheless, I recognized the fixture as being of very high quality. Still……I knew something was not quite right about the fixture, but was confident I could fix that.


The odd thing was that the bulbs faced UP. I was almost certain that, originally, the bulbs would have faced DOWN. And that the dramatic finials would have faced UP.

After the fixture arrived, the ceiling canopy proved to have a sticker from Rejuvenation (the famous lighting company), and the fixture and been recently rewired with new sockets. So, I surmised that Rejuvenation had recently redone the fixture, and flipped the sockets from DOWN to UP. No problem, I thought, as I could reverse this.

But I could not.


Thus, I had no choice but to accept what I felt was an odd renovation. It is also possible that I was wrong, and that the bulbs had, in fact, always faced UP.

Well………I re-wired the recently rewired fixture, hung it to photograph, and screwed in lightbulbs.

And laughed. The sockets were so far down inside the metal socket housings that the flame-style bulbs were about half covered. Only the upper half of each bulb peeked about the crenelated socket rings. And this looked ridiculous.


So, I re-wired yet again. And changed the sockets to a candle-style.


And this looked MUCH better!


The level of detail is impressive. The chandelier is ideal for a 1920s or 1930s house built in the Tudor style. It is now priced, ahhhh, a bit higher than $15.50.



My online vintage lighting store.




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