The Cross House was built in 1894. It is located at 526 Union Street, in Emporia, Kansas. I purchased the house in March 2014.

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The Cross House, Emporia, designed by architect Charles M. Squires.

The Cross House, Emporia, designed by architect Charles W. Squires.

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What Price Beauty? Part III

So…. …soapstone sink. THREE quotes now. All including shipping: Vermont Soapstone: $3,315 Canadian Soapstone: $2,400 And new quote: LaCour Stoneworks: $2,200. Obviously the latest price is the best. Curiously though, I did not contact the company. I did contact Teixeira Soapstone (at Kerri’s suggestion). However, LaCour, in Colorado, responded. A worry about Canadian (as mentioned…

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Niagara Falls at the Cross House

Since buying the Cross House in 2014, I knew I would need a cat fence before I could move in. This began in January, 2018, which seems a million years ago.  Funding for the fence was provided by (drum roll, please)…YOU! I was flabbergasted! While one section got done (the infamous “shipping container”), all work…

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A Question. Answered. After Seven Years.

Since buying the Cross House in 2014, I have wondered: Had the HUGE third-floor room always been huge? For, the original drawing hinted at it being divided. Any evidence though was masked by two things: The flooring was not original. The ceiling (sheetrock) was not original. Drat. In my previous post, I discovered tantalizing evidence…

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Kenny Delivers!

                And all this? ALL this? Kenny gifted it to the Cross House. So, everybody, a BIG hug to Kenny!    

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The Soapstone Sink Has Arrived!

I have been soooooooo excited! And, today, it was put in place: the soapstone sink! But…. (scroll down)                               But maybe this is the newest trend in soapstone? You know, hip stone? Maybe…hey…wait… SCREECH! SCREECH! (Muffled noises.) Whew! Hello everybody! This…

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Bringing The Carriage House Back To Life. And A Big Surprise.

In 2014, after buying the Cross House, I did a lot of work on the carriage house that year and in 2015. And then I mothballed the structure. Why? Because there were just toooooooo many issues:   FLOOR JOISTS The living room, at 19-feet x 19-feet, is huge, and surprises everybody when they step into…

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YE GODS! The Cat Fence (drum roll, please) Resumes!

In late 2018, I began the planning for the cat fence, and work began in early 2019. Many of you generously donated to the cause, and I did multiple posts updating the project and thanking everybody who donated. Then…it all just stopped. It had to, as pressing Heritage Trust work overtook all else for the…

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Plumbing Updates


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Stripping Updates


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Carriage House Leaded Windows

  One is in the dining room. Two are in the expansive living room. All three are in terrible condition, and the image does not reveal how wavy they are. With a slight push, each would collapse. To each side of the fireplace are two 24-inch square windows. One has a single sheet of glass….

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Cody Scores Again. Bigly!

Yesterday, I received an email from Cody. It was marked EMERGENCY! Golly. It developed that he was in an antique store. He had found something. I scrolled down to the image. And gasped. Wanna see? Scroll down…                             This is an 1890s…

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Cat Fence


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Way Up…Gutter Top

  The original mortar had been leached out by a failed built-in gutter (hidden inside the huge curved cornice). From Day 1, the gutter in this area had been badly designed, for it could not possibly contain the massive amount of water rushing down from the massive roof. (I will later show images of the…

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