This page is about Emporia-related restorations. Or Emporia-related real-estate needing restoration. Or Emporia-related real-estate that I just like. Or just cool stuff in Emporia.

Emporia, Kansas, is a city of 25,000 people, and right in the middle of America.

I have always liked the name Emporia. It has a nice 19th-century flavor.

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An Unexpected Outcome.

  I have been trying to buy 618 for 2-1/2-years. It is just north of the Cross House, and is by the same architect, Charles Squires. Squires lived right behind 618. In 2014, I offered the owner $20K. He countered with $30K. Which I didn’t have. In 2015 I offered $10K (all I had). He…

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Turning a Diamond into a Rhinestone

                                The particularly tragic thing about the bank’s new windows is that they will have a lifespan of about 15 years. The original windows lasted for a century. And, had they been restored, would have lasted for another century. On…

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THE FORGOTTEN HOUSE: 810 Mechanic, Emporia, Kansas

Damn. Damn, damn, damn. Why am I not a zillionaire? For, if I were, I would be saving the world’s architectural heritage. Damn.   The other day young Brian and Bailey asked me if I wanted to go look at 810 Mechanic in Emporia. My heart instantly raced, as I had previously identified 810 as…

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Can This Building be Saved: 331 Merchant Street, Emporia, Kansas


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CAN THIS HOUSE BE SAVED: 505 Exchange Street, Emporia, Kansas

                                        Most people will run screaming from this house. But the fire damage, as you can see, is minimal and mostly contained to the north side of the attic. From what I can tell, the roof…

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The Elks Club. Emporia, Kansas

  I had no idea. I did love the decoration of the club. Those gas/electric chandeliers! The table in the foreground! The patterned wallpapers! I was also interested in the brightly lighted area to the right. An atrium? My curiosity aroused, I contacted my friend Steve, who was born and raised in Emporia, and is…

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