I have been restoring vintage lights since I was a teenager in the mid-1970s. An Interstate highway was being rammed through the city where I lived, and I ran (steps ahead of the bulldozers, and with my shag haircut flying) from one incredible building to another, and from one incredible house to another, and salvaged everything I could.

My poor, bewildered parents. Their garage was soon chock-a-block with what I thought were treasures beyond compare. But which they thought was just useless flotsam. I did though once overhear my mom say: “Well, at least he’s not out doing drugs.”

However, when all their boring lights were systematically replaced with the most stunning lights they had ever seen – and all for free, rewired, and restored – they soon had second thoughts about the flotsam. (I paid for new parts by mowing lawns!)

Fast forward many decades.

One day I realized I had a pile of old lights rusting away in my basement. I hauled a few out, restored them (bringing back many old memories), and listed them on eBay.

At the time I had no idea, not a clue, that I had just radically changed my life.

Within months my life was unrecognizable, and I was working full time restoring vintage lighting and selling the fixtures across America.

My new e-commerce website is now online. Whoee! Please feel free to shop and purchase here:

The Old Above

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Currently displaying blog entries in Most Recent Order. Switch to Chronological Order.

A Cody Find

  My online vintage lighting store.       While the chandelier is ‘Colonial’ in style, it abounds with a very period touch: all the lovely scalloped edging: The edge of the frosting on the shades. The upper edge of the glass bowl on the bottom. The edges of the glass bobeches. The top edge of the stem….

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A Pompeian Beauty

  My online vintage lighting store.             My online vintage lighting store.        

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Prepare…TO GASP!

  My online vintage lighting store.                     My online vintage lighting store.    

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A Classic Set

  My online vintage lighting store.       My online vintage lighting store.      

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A Flawed Beauty

  My online vintage lighting store.       I have had the fixture in storage for many years. Two years ago I hauled it out and restored it. But, it still sat, unlisted. And why? Because the shade is damaged.     I looked for the same shade on eBay for years, but in undamaged condition….

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Baby Gills

  My online vintage lighting store.   I just listed a pair of petite late 1930s ceiling fixtures by Gill Glass & Fixture Company. The company was located on Amber Street in Philadelphia, and occupied most of the block between East Tioga and East Venango Streets. The factory backed up against rail lines, as was common, and…

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