Color Trial #1


Tiffany Blue.


In my previous post I invited readers to paint my library.

Kelly and Melody took up the challenge, and graciously photoshopped Tiffany Blue onto the library walls. Thanks to you both!

With the lighter trim color now revealed, I do like Tiffany Blue better than when the trim was all dark.

But is it the perfect blue for the library?

The thing I always have to remind myself about color is that when the whole room is done I will never, as I am doing now, STARE at the wall color and STARE at the stained-glass and think: Is it perfect?  No, my eyes will take in the whole room at once, and this means miles of shelving, a zillion books, a chandelier, curtains, and other objects. Knowing this, I would now be OK about painting the room Tiffany Blue, even though the color is not the perfect complement to the stained-glass. But, in the end, I suspect all will work beautifully together.

NOTE: When i lived in NYC I had an architectural design business, and learned a valuable lesson: perfection is dull. When everything works PERFECTLY together the results are often…a bit yawn. Perversely, when one thing, or even a few things, are off a bit, a room will come alive. I do not understand the phenomenon but know its power to transform Yawn into Wow.

This is why I like Tiffany Blue. It is a bit off regarding the stained-glass. Then when all the other elements are added to the room, I will likely make sure that another of these elements will have a subtly discordant note. And in the end — crossing my fingers — magic will ensue.

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