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HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2016!!!!!!!!

For the third year in a row, Justin helped me string the three-story Christmas Tree at the Cross House. You don’t really see it during the day, but at night…


…zounds! This makes my inner child ridiculously happy!


The first such tree was a straight line along its base. Then I realized that you could only see it head on. Coming from the south or east? The tree disappeared!

The second incarnation had a V-shaped base and this hugely helped although the V was a bit pinched.

The third incarnation I widened the base by 24-inches and this seems about right. At last! This only took three years!

Today, it proved that we did not have enough strings of lights, sigh, so Justin and I ventured into the basement to untangle a mountain of previous light strings. It took an hour to extract eight strings. Luckily, amiable conversation helped pass the time.

When all was done, and while still daylight, I went to see the movie ARRIVAL for a second time, because I loved the movie so much the first time. After, with darkness descended, I drove back to the Cross House to see the colorful wonder.


So, thank you, Justin! And happy holiday to everybody!


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  1. Thanks Ross! I hope your holidays are filled with much happiness. Looking forward to what you will share with your readers in 2017. Merry Christmas!!

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