The Cross House

Night Magic

As I continue getting stained-glass windows restored, I continue adding more rooms to the “lighted at night” program.

The Cross House has an amazing 43 stained-glass windows and while I get to enjoy them during the day, because the sun makes them come alive, people walking or driving by do not get the same delight.

Unless…the windows are lighted at night from inside.

This week, I added a lot of windows to the “lighted at night” program, but I had to stay WAY late at the house today to see how this all looked after dark.

Tragically, my camera captures but 20% of the effect in person. In person, the effect is dazzling. And when driving by? The effect is astounding. The stained-glass windows glitter and sparkle when driving by. IT IS SO GORGEOUS!

So, here are some images which show only a suggestion of the effect…


My camera, too, cannot capture all the colors.


I even got the round window of the telephone closet lighted! Squee!!!!!!!!


See the stained-glass to the left? That was covered over since the 1960s! So, it was a particular thrill seeing it tonight, all restored and GORGEOUS!ย 




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  1. Truly gorgeous and so wonderful of you to share with your neighbors and us. I am one of those people who loves driving in beautiful neighborhoods at night and seeing the lighted interiors. Thanks Ross!

  2. Can’t wait to see it in person! I usually drive by the house in daylight (because there’s a better chance of a bonus Ross sighting).

  3. I’ve been hoping for some night-time shots for SO long, I think we all have. I’m glad you’ve finally shared some, Ross, I know you’ve held off before because of your frustration as not being able to capture the full impact of them, but at least we’ve got to see one fifth of it now! Especially happy to see the phone closet’s window lit. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’m confident that there’s someone out there, who is both close enough and has the right equipment to be able to take some shots that show the Cross House’s evening jewellery in all its sparkling splendour. Fate wouldn’t get in the way of that, surely, so I optimistically await the day we get to see our favourite lady at her glittering best. ๐Ÿ˜

  4. So beautiful!

    Not. Jealous. At. All.

    If only leaded glass windows were popular when our middle class Greek Revival rowhouse was built in 1852. I have neighbors who have added leaded glass transoms over the doors, but they don’t look very authentic.

  5. All kidding aside, that is one of the prettiest sights I have seen in some time. You are a lucky man, Ross, a very lucky man…do you ever stand back, look at it, and have to pinch yourself to be sure you’re not dreaming?

  6. Amazing, thank you Ross for sharing the night time photos even though your camera doesn’t show the full extent of the beautiful windows. I can only imagine how they look in person.

  7. Please excuse the fact that I have drooled all over my keyboard. Ross, you truly are a fortunate man and should be very proud of the beautiful glow you have shined on your corner of Emporia. It is spectacular.

  8. Gorgeous! I’m wondering what it really looked like originaly, the gas and/or electrical lights must have been dimmer and maybe flickery, making maybe the stained glass more discreet and less shiny that what it looks today…

  9. You gave the house a life and soul. It’s stunning in the photos and I am sure breathtaking in person!
    What a treasure to the neighborhood.

  10. Why not contact your local newspaper to do a story about illuminating the windows at night for the town to enjoy? They could send a photographer who would have a fancy camera to capture the glory? Just an idea? Publicity and some free professional photos!

    • Thank you, Jordon!

      I have had the same thought, but was waiting till the WHOLE house is lighted up like a Christmas tree. Which will be next year!

  11. I can’t wait to meet you and see your beautiful house in person! I’ll be in touch soon about taking a grand tour. CANT WAIT ROSS!!

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