The Cross House

Obsessing over Picture Rail


All the picture rail in the Cross House was removed, I think, in 1950. There was never any question that I would recreate this feature.

I found some large-scale picture rail, ordered it, and was quite excited when it arrived.

Then, after talking with Bo, I realized that I had…was really boring picture rail.

What? You mean that there was such a thing as cool picture rail?


Yep. THIS is cool picture rail. And this is, likely, what the Cross House originally had. Or something sorta kinda like it.


Which means that what I ordered was not right. Oh, what to do? What to do?


Decorators Supply to the rescue!


My thought was that these decorative lovelies could transform boring into kinda cool.


Well….wadda ya’ think?






35 Responses to Obsessing over Picture Rail

  1. Hmmm… I’m kinda on the fence. I agree that the picture rail definitely needed something but I’m finding the leaves kind of busy. Maybe it’s the contrast in color with the rail?

  2. I’m crazy over the leaf motiff on the picture railing- It just looks as if it has always been there. Just beautiful!!!

  3. I like it! I think the fine scale of the leaves helps the picture rail get along with the slim ridges and fine details of the door trim.

  4. I can’t wait to see your parlor finished. I’m loving what I see now. I wasn’t sure about the individual parts but waited till now to comment. I can’t believe how great it is coming together. Wizard Ross is in control!

  5. I really like the leaf appliqes, but would be curious to see how they look in the same or similar color to the picture rail itself. The green contrast does look good, and ties in well with the rest of the decorating theme, but is rather bold. That may be what you’re after, though 😉

  6. Love! Love! LOVE IT! It is so unique and lovely with the chartreuse leaves. The walls with stencils and the ceiling and ribbon frieze are so unique! This is an obvious Ross genius decorating motif!!

    You have outdone yourself!!!

    • ‘Tis be said there is a fine line between madness and genius.

      Only time will tell which side of the line I lean towards.

  7. Of what are they made? How are they attached? Is the picture rail painted gold or antique gold. My tablet makes it hard for me to detect actual shade. Or maybe my eyes or the both. I’m trying to set the colors in my minds eye. Your progress is simply amazing!!

    • The vines are made of some sort of composite. They are just glued on the rail.

      The picture rail is painted bright gold. But it looks like a dull gold.

    • It seems that picture rail in the 1890s was meant to complement the decorative wall treatments rather than the trim.

      So, I deliberately have not matched the rail to the trim.

  8. I absolutely love and admire your commitment to making this house as fabulous as it can possibly be, while still totally historical. Well done! I adore it!

  9. Nice, I think the small pattern of the leaves adds a balancing element to all the large patterns on the wall and ceiling. Texturally I bet it looks gorgeous in person.

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