Patience. Rewarded.


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Years and years ago, I purchased a 1930s chandelier online. It arrived with one smashed glass shade. Sigh.

Almost daily, I looked through new shade listings on eBay to find a matching shade. And several years later I found one. When it arrived…it was not quite the right color. Several years later I found three matching shades on eBay. When they arrived, they were actually too large, even though they otherwise looked the same.

And so the years passed, with the chandelier gathering ever more dust in its box. Then recently, I was in an antique store. On a shelf, all by itself, was a shade. My heart seized up a bit. Was it THE shade? It sure looked right, and as I turned it over my heart soared with confirmation…


…for the shade had the exact same stamp as my intact four: Czechoslovakia. BINGO!


And something damaged…


…has been made right again. After all these years.




My online vintage lighting store.




  1. Dan Goodall-Williams on May 14, 2018 at 6:16 pm

    I like this one. I look at homes for sale, usually quite large ones since they are out of my reach, and I look at the lighting. All, 20 dollar stuff from home depot. Well, not all, but most. Who buys a 600,000 dollar house and then has cheap lighting. I have to say A LOT of people.

  2. L. Harlow on June 24, 2018 at 7:05 am

    Dan you are so right about that. A home in our neighborhood recently went on the market for 3 million. I took the opportunity to see inside. Nothing but 1980’s store bought brass toned fixtures.

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