The Cross House

Pixies Attack!

So, at long last, all the scaffolding on the Great North Wall is gone! WHOEE! But then, while I slept, PIXIES ATTACKED THE HOUSE!


Under the cover of darkness, they erected more scaffolding!


Well, after I calmed down (damn pixies) I realized that the scaffolding would make it WAY easier to paint the upper walls/windows surrounding the porch. And I can also easily reach the wood ceiling. Hummmm, maybe the pixies are actually trying to be helpful rather then just being scamps?


The porch ceiling retains its original paint (a pale olive) with later blue paint jobs. I plan to scrape the white Vs, and then leave the ceiling as is.





5 Responses to Pixies Attack!

  1. Is this the doorway to the peacock bathroom? What are the white v’s?a
    Please send the pixies east to take care of my house. I will feed them tuna fish sandwiches and white wine.

  2. I suggested that they visit you. I’m working 6 days a week right now and don’t have time for any projects, and when they told me that they were considering a road trip, I mentioned Emporia as a nice place to visit. Please keep them there for at least a couple days, they seem to always side with my wife and I would like to rest a little this Sunday. Thanks.

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