Some 1940s Glamour

Because I restore vintage lighting for a living, I naturally come across a lot of vintage lighting.

And I pass on a lot of vintage lighting.

I buy when something captures my special attention, such as fixtures which I have not seen previously (whoee!), or fixtures which look sad and abandoned, but which could be brought back to life.

Both conditions were exemplified by this fixture by Markel:


BEFORE. Not impressive. And sad. The latter tugs at my heart and I think: MUST SAVE!


AFTER. Saved! Zounds!


AFTER. See the glass flourish under the shade? That was missing, but a Markel catalog image testified as to its former presence. So, I frantically scoured my storage vaults and was ecstatic upon finding the flourish. Whoee! Triple whoee! WHOEE!


I find it enormously satisfying taking such a thing, a thing which many people would take no notice of (which is why I could purchase it for $14.95), and by simply bringing it back to its original condition, and presenting it well, a thing became, after a long hiatus, something of beauty once again.


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