The Thrill Of A Great National Debate

I was not around during the tumultuous national debate about ending slavery.

I was not around during the tumultuous national debate about giving women the right to vote.

I was not around during the tumultuous national debate when Harry Truman (give ’em hell, Harry!) ended segregation in the military.

I was around during the tumultuous national debate about the civil rights movement, but was too young know what was going on.

I was also around during the tumultuous national debate about feminism/equal rights, but also too young to really get it.

Poo. I missed all the fun, excitement, and drama. For, I really LOVE a great national debate. To me, getting things stirred up is necessary for a great nation not to stagnate.

But wait! Hooray!!!! There is yet another great national debate going on. Now. Live! AND I AM THERE! And old enough to understand what is going on!

So, no matter your views on same-sex marriage, are you excited by the great national debate?

I am!


  1. Sandi Steuwer on May 23, 2018 at 12:48 pm

    So, I’m happy that Gay folks can get married, everyone should have the right to be miserable! Just kidding, been in a great marriage for 20 years. But, I am happy for people to be able to get married to who they love. Its not for others to judge, imho, and certainly not at the state or federal level. Its between 2 people, (unless you live in Utah, and that just confuses me,)not the government that can’t even run the Post Office correctly. They can’t even get Healthcare right, and let’s not even talk the Tax Code.

    That said, I don’t like forcing religious folks to bake a cake, or cater a Gay wedding. Just use someone who doesn’t think they are at risk of losing their soul by helping out with such a wonderful day. Who needs the stress? To me, its doing the very thing that Gay folks have been fighting for so long. Forcing your beliefs on others. There are way more businesses that would happily help make the day perfect, than not. You can’t force people to be how you want them to, so give your money to those that are like minded. Religious people are as sincere in their beliefs, as those of us that believe each of us has the freedom to live our lives as we want. That has to go both ways. 😌

    • Ross on May 23, 2018 at 1:05 pm

      Hi, Sandi!

      Do you think it would be OK for the white owner of business to refuse service to people of color?

      Because this happened in America for a great long time. And “religious beliefs” were normally used as the excuse.

      “Religious beliefs” were also used to justify slavery, deny women the right to vote, burn people at the stake, and start many many many wars over several millenniums.

      If a straight person expects the right to order anything they want from a bakery, then why should a gay person not be granted the same expectation?

      Also, the Bible states that divorce is a sin. But not once have I ever heard about a baker refusing to decorate the cake of a straight couple who have been previously divorced. Curious how bakers are not worried about their soul over this issue.

      Equal right should be available to all in a great country. And if you run a business open to the public, or work for government, your personal religious beliefs should be left at home.

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