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Wanna Freak Out?

Travis sent me an email with attached images.

He also wrote: “I thought you might enjoy seeing someone screwed up a 1931 kitchen.”

Oh. That didn’t sound good.

So I, with trepidation, looked at the images.

But…WHAT was Travis talking about?


This 1931 kitchen, while obviously refreshed, is STUNNING! The lower walls are white/green glass! Vitrolite? Carrara Glass?


I love how thoughtfully somebody treated the 1931 kitchen. They made it highly appealing while respecting its original features. Wow! So, WHAT was Travis talking about???????? Oh. He attached a third image. Scroll way down…



















Yep, oh. As in oh shit. This INFURIATES me. Yet again, some idiot trashed something distinctive and installed something banal. And, I guarantee you, this new kitchen will NOT last eighty-six-years.


This is the last straw.

I am going to have to become President.

My first order will be to outlaw architectural stupidity.

So, remember, Ross 2020!


15 Responses to Wanna Freak Out?

  1. I will assume the position of campaign manager will joy! I am experienced and will serve you honorably and honestly.

    ROSS 2020. For All Americans and against Floppy & Flippers

  2. And I’ll wager that they advertised the new kitchen as being “period, with modern conveniences”…

    BTW, where can I get a “Ross 2020 – Restore America” yard sign?

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