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Wanna Meet My Lock?

A few days ago I posted this image of the pull on the first-floor powder room door. To my surprise, several readers were INTENSELY curious about the petite lock below.


So, to the curious minded out there, I offer ye this. The lock works every well.


Painting hardware should be a criminal act. There is no emergency hole to the lock on the outer side of the door.


The outer side of the door. An exquisite door plate. I can’t tell if it is upside-down.




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  1. I have a lock on two bathroom doors like that lock. Is there a key for it? I hate it when a kiddo locks it and won’t come out!

      • Some of the stuff like this that goes on in your beautiful abode makes me wonder if the Colonel is not messing with you sometimes – just for a laugh.
        I think he is jealous bc he only got to enjoy it 6 months and look how much joy you are getting.

  2. I’m very pleased to meet your lock. And yes I too think plate is upside down. And don’t worry there is a special level in hell for people who paint door hardware.

  3. LOL, lots of fun comments here. I was just holding my laptop computer upside down to see what the plate looks like. I agree, it looks better with the ribbons draping down.

    • I would argue that it would be odd to tie a bow with the loops hanging down, yet it could be argued as well that the ends of a bow would be unlikely to go up. Is this an old Yale catalog, maybe from the 1890’s? Is the source catalog from which you originally identified the rest of the hardware available to see how this plate might have been displayed by the designer. I fully recognize that the installer may have made a judgement call of his own, as that seems to be what it seems to come down to. My aunt calls me her gadfly for such remarks.

  4. Is it possible that the whole door was upside down? I have seen a pull (not near as elaborate as the one in your house) with a deadbolt lock above it (so that only older children and adults could access it, and a small child couldn’t lock themselves in) before in an 1895 house that we owned. I have to wonder since the pull, and the plate were both upside down.

  5. That lock!!! Yes. That’s exactly what I need. Pray if you every find one with a 2″ backset, I will pay a fairly unreasonable amount of money to acquire it. Love that hardware!

  6. Hi Ross. Do you plan to polish all the hardware, or leave with the patina?
    Part of me is curious to see them without all the grime!

    • Hi, Jordan!

      Most of the interior hardware has later coats of shellac over. With this removed, the original finish is revealed, which only requires a GENTLE brushing with 0000 steel wool.

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