Wanna See Something Unexpected?

Yesterday, Ashley brought something to my attention.

She warned me that I might faint.

The warning proved timely.


Ashley wanted me to take a look at this ranch in Ohio. You think: Huh? WHAT is so interesting about this, right? And that’s what I thought! But the house had a tantalizing bit of information: it was built in 1955. Would any mid-century coolness appear behind the sedate traditional exterior?


In the 2002 movie, Far from Heaven, the movie couple lives in a sedate ranch. Also 1950s. The set designer did a fabulous job because while the house is quite traditional there are nonetheless mid-century details abounding. Note the Hollywood-Regency screen to the left. The upholstered pieces. The table to the left. And lamp. All of this is juxtaposed, brilliantly, against a crystal chandelier and Colonial-Revival staircase. I love this kind of artful juxtaposition. So, wanna step inside the 1955 Ohio house?


At first nothing announces 1955. But look at the floor. It is terrazzo! I FRIGGIN’ LOVE TERRAZZO! Is more terrazzo under the wall-to-wall to the right? The light fixture just really needs to be something from the 50s, traditional, but with a mid-century bent.


LIVING ROOM. Again, at first there is nothing announcing a mid-century vibe. But look at the Hollywood-Regency doors to the left, and the…


…exaggerated fluted pilasters to each side of the mantel. The current decor does nothing to complement the house and I would SO enjoy decorating the rooms. I would choose pieces and lighting from the 1950s, traditional in style, but most with a subtle hint of mid-century coolness. And color, baby, color!


INFORMAL DINING. There is also a formal dining room. Note the cork floor! And I love the built-in cabinets! Oh, what the right decor/lighting could do for this room! Now, are you sitting down? Is your seat-belt fastened? OK, now scroll way down…


















ZOUNDS!!!!!!!! The kitchen is full-blown 1950s coolness!!!!!!!!


ZOUNDS!!!!!!!! I looooooooove this! Note the tiled walls AND soffit! The clock SO needs to be built in.


ZOUNDS!!!!!!!! Note the steel casement windows. And angled upper cabinets with FLUTED GLASS!!!!!!!! I am guessing that the floor is new. Now, seat-belt still fastened? Ready for some BATHROOM MANIA?


POWDER ROOM. And it’s pink! Note also Hudee ring around sink.


BATHROOM. Love the colors. Love the built-in medicine cabinet. And two-toned vanity!


BATHROOM. More pink deliciousness! Pink is SO a 1950s color, and was popularized by Mamie Eisenhower. There was even a Mamie Pink!


BATHROOM. Love the chrome shower door, and I am gobsmacked by the fluted glass built-in shelving!


MASTER BATH. Note how the cabinets repeat the informal dining room cabinets. The square recessed ceiling light is another iconic 1950s feature. The flooring looks new. Sigh.


The house appears in mint condition and quite loved. But…the right period-correct decor and colors would do wonders for the house.

The house was listed for sale in 2016 but the listing was removed in November. Did the house sell? Or will it be relisted again?

I did this post to record the kitchen and bathrooms because it is highly likely that a new owner will tear out these fabulous rooms. And they will unleash this horror with nary a thought.

Here is a link to the Zillow listing but the link will, at some point, break.

Thank you, Ashley!!!!!!!!





  1. Sally on March 5, 2017 at 1:09 am

    Were houses really originally built with that many bathrooms in the 1950s? It seems like most older homes that I see only have one or two bathrooms.

    • Ross on March 5, 2017 at 7:39 am

      Larger homes in the 1950s did have three or more bathrooms. This was not unusual since the 1920s.

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