1920s Luscious by Moe-Bridges

Two brothers, Henrik and Ole Moe, helped to found the Milwaukee-based Moe-Bridges lighting company in 1919. Later friction among various shareholders resulted in the brothers leaving the company in the late 1920s, and founding Moe Brothers Manufacturing, or Moe Light.

The Moe-Bridges Company continued, however. In 1943, the company was renamed The Lighthouse, and then Visa Lighting in 1963. Today, Visa Lighting is thriving, and still in Milwaukee.

Fixtures by Moe-Bridges are of a quality basically unknown today, and it is a pleasure restoring a Moe-Bridges fixture.

I have a large set of Moe-Bridges fixtures in storage, and recently pulled from storage some sconces from their 80-Line series.

They be a wonder to behold.


The 3-arm sconces. Yummy.
The 3-arm sconces. Yummy. Lighting today does NOT look like this!


The 2-arm sconces. Yummy, too.
The 2-arm sconces. Yummy, too.


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