The Cross House

A Beauty Portal

It’s surreal standing in the ruin of the stairhall, and looking into the totally finished parlor. I think: Wow! I’m trippin’, man!




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  1. This is the Before shot. Someday there will be an After, making that beautiful Lincrusta and woodwork truly spectacular. Meanwhile, there is much to celebrate, even in THIS photograph. You are the Prince restoring life to the Sleeping Beauty.

  2. Hi Ross,
    I just noticed the similarity in form between the balusters on the main stair and those on the porch rail. Except for the wood species and the swirl carving on the central ball, they look like they could be the same design. Since you have a lot of exterior balusters loose right now,will you take a photo with the two side by side,not leaving out your comments?

  3. Hello Ross I found your site recently by way of OHD. I bought a house featured on that site a few months ago and have been catching up on both OHD and Restoring Ross. Kinda like binge watching Breaking Bad except all good. This photo you took from the stairwell to the beautifully restored parlor is the most amazing thing I’ve seen so far on your site. I can’t stop looking at it! I know this may sound idiotic but have you thought about leaving an unrestored area in your house, just to feature a perfectly ‘done’ room? Just a thought, certainly not for everybody. I have a few years of hard work ahead of me on the ‘project’ I’ve taken on and you’ve been a fun and informative inspiration. Thanks.

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