A Better Pink!

WAY back a friend gave an old ceiling fixture to me. “Good luck if you can make it look good!”

I held the 1930s Deco fixture in my hand, and understood what he meant. Somebody had overpainted its outer metal ring with BRIGHT pink and BRIGHT green. It just killed the fixture.

The fixture went into storage as I was too busy to deal with it. And over the years I would pause in front of it, calculate the work involved in stripping it down and coming up with some kind of appropriate finish, and would shake my head. I’m too busy. And would walk away yet again.

The other day I paused in front of the fixture, stared at it for a while, when a thought popped into my head. What if I just misted over the garish paint with cream? Hey! This would be effortless.



The results surprised even me. The fixture looks great! And I did was hold a can of cream spray paint over it for less than a minute! You can still see the garish overpaint but it is WAY toned down.



The shade is fabulous.


So, something which was mistreated, and therefore unloved and unwanted for many years, has now been restored to a thing of beauty.

A very small betterment on Earth but I will, of late, grab any betterment I can.



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  1. Mary Garner-Mitchell on January 9, 2017 at 10:54 am

    This would be fabulous in a baby girl’s nursery. I often have passed repeatedly by certain “projects” in my barn, and ultimately will have an epiphany such as you’ve described. And it has often involved a spritz of paint! Love seeing these restored fixtures.

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