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A Breathless Cat Fence Update! YEAR-END UPDATE!

Since my last update, donations to Fence The Cats have continued to come in!

Rachel: Greetings from the SF Bay area! As a fellow animal rescuer (of foster dogs) I applaud your efforts with the acts. I’m also a lover of old homes but will never actually own one (or a new home, for that matter) as long as I live around here. In my neighborhood, souls condos built in the 1980s sell for $1M & up. It’s demoralizing. I wish you continued good luck with the house and cats.

Emily Dupree: I admire your work so much, and would love to help with the cat fence. The story about Mabel touched me. I’m so glad you could bring her the peace of knowing her stray cat was being cared for.

Lisa Sesler: Love your blog and can’t wait for the day you and the kitties move in.


JR Vanderburg: Merry Christmas to you and your entire feline family! Please allocated a percentage of this donation to the cat enclosure (wall & fence are kind of rough on the tongue at the moment 😉 [From Ross: it took me a moment to understand JR’s droll comment. And then I laughed.]


These new donations total $845!

GRAND TOTAL: $4,125!

This brings donations to just over 50% of the estimated $8,000 to build the cat fence!!!!!!!! I am gobsmacked!



Donations have ranged from $20 to $500, and each is very much appreciated and feels like a hug!

I created the Go Fund Me account in 2016 after receiving repeated requests from people. “I would love to help! Can I donate somehow?” As of today, $6,405 has been donated (including the cat fence donations)!

Donations have helped to offset some of the terrifying financial burden of restoring the Cross House. But donations impact me, too. It is hard to explain but every donation makes me feel less alone, less crazy. Every donation makes me feel connected to a family of people who love old house…and now kitties, too! And I often think about this when I am high up on scaffolding or stripping old shellac off oak trim. I think: Wow. People CARE about this. And this generates a special kind of tingle inside. It feels good!

I am keeping the Cat Fence monies separate from the general donations, and will continue doing updates on the fence and future donations.

You can see all the donations on my Go Fund Me page (the green button just above the comments).

You can send a check if you prefer:

Fence the Cats!
POB 454
Strong City, KS 66869

(Make check payable to Ross)


To all of you fabulous and crazy people, a hug and kiss!


I ordered enough metal and trim for Phase One. This was $1,194.25.


Phase One will fence the two small outdoor rooms. The fence posts were installed last year. One room encloses the AC condensers but forms part of the overall cat fence. The other room will house the Summer Cat House and lawnmower (the Winter Cat House will be small part of the basement) and this, too, will form part of the overall cat fence.

Right now I waiting for a confluence of events to start installing Phase One: Decent weather and Justin’s availability.

There is a window of good weather this weekend! Will Justin be available? This is the question!

Oh, and happy news year to everybody!


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  1. I am thrilled for you and your felines! What a wonderful outpouring of kindness! Can hardly wait to see it all finished and kitties safe in their new home.

  2. Ooh, exciting! HAHAHA, look at us, getting excited over some fencing going up, but we know what it means! 😀 Come on Justin, rustle up some free time, and let’s all cross our fingers for clement weather.

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