The Cross House

A Complicated Affair

The Cross House and adjacent carriage house. Google Earth, circa-2014.


Wow. Those are really complicated rooflines! Scary!

I stare at this image and think: Is all this really mine? I am really responsible for all this? And how the hell did that happen?



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  1. Thankfully yours have balanced form and massing that make them interesting and beautiful, rather than ugly and cluttered complex rooflines in the typical modern McMansion, with random hips, valleys, and nubs that result from little, if any thought of the exterior form.

  2. From this view it looks like you have a garage too. I don’t remember it being mentioned before. My assumption is that it is a much newer building, thus not noteworthy. I’d love to know what it looks like. Now I have to read all of the carriage house blog posts again.

  3. I cannot believe that the carriage house has a more complicated roof than the main house! And some of those valleys look like they are just inviting water damage- does the carriage house have any issues with leaks?

  4. It’s worth noting that you can really see the cornice/gutters from this view. In addition, I never realized the curvature of the driveway as it snakes under the porte cochere before.

    • Hi, Brian!

      Yes, I love the s-curve driveway!

      And it’s original! Not the concrete but the shape. I plan to replace the concrete with the original gravel.

      • What an interesting view! It really puts the carriage house in perspective. It’s bigger than I had envisioned.

        I understand the allure of wanting to return the driveway to gravel. From my rural perspective, I’d offer for your consideration that gravel tracks in the house and can scuff up pretty, finished floors. It also requires maintenance as it pushes to the edges and therefore needs smoothing. Also over the years it requires extra fill and weeds are also more apt to grow through. However, it is nice as it soaks up rain/snow rather than the water running off. And it doesn’t get slick from ice.

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