The Cross House

A Continuing Niche

Finishing up the wall/ceiling repairs. I removed some trim to repair behind. Golly, soon I can…PAINT!!!!!!!!



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  1. I envy the “after” to come, but I definitely don’t envy the effort that’s going to go into painting around all the nooks and crannies of that trim. No thanks.

      • I’ve been rather curious…since you eventually intend on having the original papers reproduced for this whole area, what are your plans for the walls in the meantime, until an unnecessary expense like that can be justified?

  2. Wow, that would have been a fair chunk of work! How’s your neck and shoulders? But being close to painting is very, very exciting! This niche is such a gem I’m really looking forward to seeing it finished on all it’s glory.

    • I love how you’re enjoying watching this one jam packed architectural dynamo come back to life!
      I have a friend who bought a house that had 5 double sets of French doors packed away in the basement, when he bought it.
      I literally spent an entire summer stripping, reglazing and refinishing doors… It’s extremely satisfying when you’re done.

      • Done? What is that?? The day I am done with my old house is the day that they cart me off to Murman and Wilson’s Funeral Home! LOL

      • It’s because I adore historic houses but live in a 7 year old apartment. I got interested when my sister bought a cute small miners cottage years ago and I helped her restore it. It was fascinating but nowhere near as cool as this.

  3. Wow how nice! Makes me wish I was there to help. I can cut paint like you wouldn’t believe. Did it as a living for several years, in between office work. I love painting. Hate the plastering.

    • When the niche is done, I will be erecting scaffolding in the NE corner! And finishing the painting.

      Then I move over to the south facade, where I will spend most of the remaining year.

  4. I suspect there is still a little painting remaining to be done on the exterior, now that the weather is right for it. Maybe building some scaffolding is next.

      • I am so glad that I posted my guess four minutes before you responded to Dan. We must have been writing at the same time, but, if I had taken a few minutes more, I would have looked more foolish than ever. Now I am seen to be on the same wavelength as the Grand Pooh Bah of historic historic home restoration and blogging, Ross MacTaggart.

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