The Cross House

A Continuing Niche. END Phase 1!

I’m done! I’m done! All the refinishing is done done done! The never-ending job is done! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!


Tucked into the right side is this thin strip of Lincrusta, which I did not even know was there. But, an observant reader, Jenine, realized that…


…the Lincrusta strip on the left side was missing. I searched the basement for it; no luck. But, I have quite a bit of Lincrusta in the basement so all is not lost!


The new project is refinishing the radiator. Stay tuned to this channel for breathless updates!


Y’all have been curious about what is behind the radiator. There are lovely oak panels. I would move the radiator but it really needs to be in this location.


Then I have to finish the ceiling and repair all the plaster.


The “oak” arch is edged in Lincrusta strips. Gorgeous!


But the strips were missing on the left side, the effects of old water damage from a bathroom above (now removed). I had the strip from the right side, and the bottom. But the left strip was long gone. Or…was it?


Gadzooks! Another trip into the basement revealed the long missing left strip!


And now all is well. Except, when the bottom strip came off last week I carefully put it away so as to not lose it. And, yep, now I can’t find it! But it will turn up. 


You can see how the strips perfectly mate with the never-lost strips. OMG, I get ridiculously excited about reunions.





13 Responses to A Continuing Niche. END Phase 1!

  1. It never ceases to amaze me that so many of the bits of the house were saved in the basement all these years. Most people nowadays would just chuck the falling-off bits in the rubbish bin. So amazed by what you’ve accomplished, and how — once again — the bits are coming together.

    Question: Are you planning to paint in this area? Or use some fabulous wallpaper on the walls?

    • I too continue to be astounded at how many small missing bits were saved! If only so many of us other old-house owners were so lucky!

    • Hi, Sandra!

      Bob certainly saved things, and has even graciously returned things which left the house.

      It’s also obvious that all previous owners of the house saved bits. It’s pretty amazing.

  2. I had never really looked at the radiators properly till today. Are they all this fancy?

    Congratulations on finishing what must have seemed a mammoth task. This niche is such a gem. So many incredible elements in such a tiny space.

    Cross house is such a gem. Little wonder you had to save it. So glad you fell in love with and bought it. There are very few people who would have been game to try.

  3. Yay! you found the missing lincrusta strip for the left side of the arch. The niche looks amazing. I had never seen a close up of the radiator until now. All the detailing is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see it with its new gold paint job.

  4. You do realize that Lady Cross has fallin deeply in love with you by now and will never let you leave! Amazing how her missing pieces show up. I’m so weird, I’d be going nuts cause the wood behind the radiator isn’t done. 🙂 Looks real nice Ross, cants wait to see it all finished someday.

  5. I’m grateful for the first photo because I keep forgetting that there’s a fireplace and mantel in the foyer, between the telephone closet and the round reception room. It’s a perspective we don’t often get to see!

  6. I was browsing the amazing Internet Archive today, and believe I may have run across the catalog with some of your millwork (or some that bears an uncanny resemblance). Look at page 134:

    The corner blocks in the illustration are different, but that head casing looks like a dead ringer for yours. It’s dated 1891, so it would be likely be current for your build date. What do you think? Have you identified the mill or source of any of your millwork?

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