The Cross House

A Continuing Niche

A year ago, the stairhall niche had water-stained peeling wallpaper. You can also see the “snake”, a long winding AC duct that was the only way to reach the round bedroom.


Yesterday I framed in a new ceiling.


And installed sheetrock. Wow. The difference is amazing.


The upper trim was coming off so I removed it as it is MUCH easier to refinish DOWN than UP. I also was able to refinish a bit more of the trim.



15 Responses to A Continuing Niche

  1. Looking great!

    The lowered ceiling is imperceptible in the smaller space there. I think you made very good decisions in how you re-configured the ductwork. The soffit in the dining room was terribly obtrusive, but here, it’s virtually invisible.

  2. It’s absolutely beautiful! I wonder…. Ross? Have you considered using poly varnish on that gorgeous oak? It’ll turn even more golden, a perfect frame for those windows…

    • Depends on your definition of “golden” I think the current colours are perfect. Either the restored or the aged. A more yellow oak would be too 70’s. I personally hate 70’s wood.

  3. Please sir, may we have a close up of the contrasting dark wood medallion against the oak surround in the upper plinths?

  4. It looks like the upper window trim blocks in the niche have a dark wood medallion in their center. May we see a close up of one of them?

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