The Cross House

A Decision has been Made!

For a great long time I have been debating: Should I finish the easy facade or switch over to the south facade? Today, I made a decision! I am going to do that narrow wall you see on the first-floor, then the cornice upper left, and the water-table in the corner (the trim just above the stone foundation). THEN…I will focus my attention of the south facade.


I would prefer finishing the whole of the east facade. But two factors have forced a switch to the south:

  1. The restoration of the south facade is a large part of the 2017 Heritage Grant work. So, this works needs to begin, STAT.
  2. Because the south facade faces, well, south, this is SO not work that should happen during the heat of the summer (which is why work did not start this summer). The temperature is now ideal, and in Kansas painting can happen even through to January. February and March are really the only two no-no months.



10 Responses to A Decision has been Made!

  1. Yay! I understood the reasons for prioritizing the east face but the south face is going to be SO SATISFYING. I cannot wait to see the southwest corner finished. Yay yay yay!

  2. What of the north facade’s basement eyebrow window? I’ve been waiting for months with baited breath on that ONE window…

  3. Ah, I wondered if designated funds might figure into prioritizing the work. Good to stay on top of that. And yes, the sun has been ridiculously intense, lately. Best to hit it at the lower angle with cooler temps.

    The true evil of the east side has been delt with. It’s not as if those east walls are going anywhere. The east side will stand in line, dutifully waiting for it’s prettiness to happen. ☺

    I must report utter giddiness in anticipation of the next few months. 😍

  4. Off subject…Traveling in Savannah and seeing so much faux-finished oak interior work…reminds me of your beauty.. The Telfair museum has an entire room, plastered walls, but you would swear it was oak paneling.

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