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A Deluxe Home for Gray!

I am so excited!

Yesterday, the absurdly expensive super-deluxe custom-made KittyMansion™ from catsaregods.com arrived! And I am thrilled that Gray loves it! I feel SO much better about spending $4,865!

Wanna see?

Scroll way down…

























6 Responses to A Deluxe Home for Gray!

  1. And this is why I love your blog. Perhaps Grey has a yen for travel and he is giving you a hint. I’m sure he would like to come visit me in Australia. However I am equally sure that my feline master Cuddles would be most displeased at this concept! So I will keep this blog post hidden from her.

  2. Lions do it, cheetas do it, ocelots do it, tigers do it……Whatever sort of cat…..all love boxes. Grey is in good company as it seems.

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