A Dramatic Deco Set!


The other day I posted a pair of dramatic Deco ceiling fixtures with a gold/green polychrome. But I also have this set! The original polychrome is like a very old penny. Gorgeous! I have this 5-bulb, and…


…a 2-bulb, and…


…a pair of sconces!!!!!!!!




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  1. Sandra on May 27, 2017 at 7:41 pm

    These are lovely. I love the Deco simplistic lines. These would be perfect in a smallish space like a study or library??

    BTW the flower mystery at your home? Have you figured out what it is? You can take a piece to any garden space and they could probably tell you & would hv examples of the very flower! Sorry to post here but loss the posting in my email. Inadvertently deleted it.

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