The Cross House

A Faded Past

In the early 1970s, Phyllis and Louis lived in the Cross House. They were young and way cool, baby.

I did a post on them, showing their expansive third-floor apartment

Phyllis and Louis also graciously forwarded this evocative image looking down into the first-floor stair-hall.


To me, it’s fascinating seeing the Cross House furnished and lived in. One can see how the round Receiving Room is used as a conservatory. Click image to enlarge.



6 Responses to A Faded Past

  1. Thanks, Ross for all the posts on the house. What a special place the house is for us. If you look closely in the photo I am pretty sure that our son, Nathan making his way up the stairs, he was 2. My guess is that this photo was taken in 1975 or 76.

  2. I really like the way this image puts the stairs, the niche, and the round room in perspective. It gives me much more of a sense of the space. Thanks for showing it.

  3. Even never having experienced the space in person, it’s quite off-putting to not have to imagine a time when it didn’t look like a bomb has gone off. It’s also interesting to see that they furnished the stair hall as a living space, more like a living room. I’m not sad though, that that vomit inducing light fixture is long gone. Your more recent lighting choices are much more visually pleasing and expressive.

  4. Very cool! It is inspiring to see a photo of it habitable and lived-in, and one from a period closer to the present than the beginning. Thanks for sharing!

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