A Forest Grows…and Grows…at the Cross House

Today, Justin and I finished building the scaffolding

Today, Justin and I finished building the scaffolding, so now I can reach the very tippy-top. The scaffolding is rock-rigid, and all places to stand are surrounded by railings, and with the added bonus of “tables” to put stuff on. All the comforts of home! AND in the shade, as this is the north front! Oh, see the big boards near the the top? Those were two extra 2x12s. I did not need them after all, so simply turned them into more railing.


I do not have a fear of heights, blessedly, but I freak out and get knobby knees and a quivering stomach if I am HIGH up on shaky scaffolding, and without railings. I just can’t do it. No way, man!

Yesterday, before we finished the tippy-top level, I stood up there to see if a paint brush could reach the very peak of the gable. This top level still had a bit of shake, and there were no railings yet.

I became almost paralyzed by fear and instant nausea.

Today, with everything solid, and surrounded by firm railings, I was calm personified on the upper-most level. Indeed, I even felt comfortable, as if I were standing in the parlor rather than four stories above the ground.




  1. audrey B on April 12, 2016 at 5:53 pm

    Oh my! I am terrified of heights and even get a shaky tummy when I see some else standing on a chair. I will be holding my breath until you finish this work so high above the ground.
    In contrast, my husband, an electrician has no fear of climbing high up on extension ladders. Many a day I come home to find him up on the roof of our house, no work to be done, he simply likes the feeling of being up high.
    I can’t wait to see this side of you house painted… and have you back on firm ground!

  2. Carole. Canton Ohio on April 12, 2016 at 6:35 pm

    Seeing the Trust sign in the window is wonderful ! Communities need to see that private funds deserve to be $upported by community funds to insure the preservation of our history. These buildings, like your beautiful house,were meant to last more than just a mortal lifetime,were built by craftsmen’s,whos work is art unto itself. Art that should live on for generations. I look forward to your posts everyday. You have had a busy few days, I hope you enjoy the painting part of Restoration with the beautiful weather we are having ! Enjoy! ! !

  3. Sandra G. McNichol on April 12, 2016 at 8:19 pm

    Yahoo Ross, on everything that is happening, and has happened! I am so excited and eagerly await your posts!
    I agree with Carole – the Trust sign in the window is just perfect.

    Wonderful stable scaffolding set up – I am SO SO jealous – there I was for years, hanging off the top rungs of an extension ladder, rung indents on my thighs all through the summers because I knew I had to become one with the ladder….no place to put down my paint can, rag, or brush and having to go up & down the damn thing to move it over a few feet – argh – it was beastly. I too would become paralyzed by fear and nausea until I got going on the area in front of me, and would stop looking down (urp)…then after I’d been airborne for a while, I’d relax to the point where I had to remind myself not to just step off the ladder to get more paint – LOL. Why couldn’t I use scaffolding, one might wonder? Because it’s not flat ground all around the base of our house.

    Cheers! Wonderful! Forge on! 🙂

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