A Glorious Shrieking Deco


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Years ago, I purchased an Art Deco chandelier in an antique store. It was dismantled and I was unsure if all the parts were in situ. It was also amazingly dirty. Scary dirty. And I thought: do I have the energy to clean this? In addition, the original polychrome finish had largely failed. There wasn’t much left.

But…but…even with all these issues, I could not overlook the obvious potential wonder of the chandelier. Also, the chandelier spoke to me. Well, it shrieked, actually: SAVE ME! SAVE ME!

Then, last week, after so much time had passed, and the chandelier had gathered more dust and dirt, but never stopped shrieking, I decided to brave the challenge.

Wanna see the results?

Prepare to gasp.

And scroll down…


















A double gasp!


WHERE are my smelling salts????????


Oh, and the chandelier is now purring.




My online vintage lighting store.




4 Responses to A Glorious Shrieking Deco

  1. Ross, you never cease to amaze me on your ability to accomplish things. I work around the clock on restoring things but I feel you have magical powers. I also frequently stop for wine…so maybe that’s my downfall.

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