The Cross House

A Hardware Discovery

This is the west dining room window, overlooking the north porch.


Now, see here?


There is a beautiful brass tack! Number 14!


Number 14 would, I assume, correspond to an identical tack on a storm/screen window. Thus the zillion storm/screen windows for the house (all long gone) could be easily found for the correct windows.

“I need #6!”

“I need #14!”

“I need #36!”


I have only recently started coming across such tacks. The few that remain will be removed, gently polished, and reinstalled after the window frames are painted.

Justin also found one the ground. This will, of course, drive me mad. WHAT window did it come from???????



7 Responses to A Hardware Discovery

  1. you can still buy these numbers – I’m sure you’ll want to think about this when you have all those long lost storm window rebuilt

    Here’s a source.

  2. My granddad had these on his screens and storms and had made a rack at the end of his garage with numbered slots to store the out of season ones. It was really easy to quickly change out twice a year.

  3. The numbers were by room. Check other rooms for the digit one up and one down. Exp. 5 or 7 for #6. Moms house had them. We had storms with a small screened section at the bottom. A tiny door to open up for fresh air.

  4. AAANNNND There’s the answer to the fastener notches on the opposite side! Note that there’s a tiny spine next to the window? I’d bet that there’s one at the top too. Just on two sides of the window. The bottom and the opposite side would be plain woodwork. The screen notched into those two frames, and being a bit flexible, they would put the upper left corner in that corner to slot them in, then latch the other side. Safe, secure, and sturdy.

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