A Luscious Lilac from Linda


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My very favorite ever buyer is named Linda. During a period of several years I helped her select fabulous vintage lighting for three houses! Three! I would hold back incredible new purchases until Linda either said YES or NO. And the more extraordinary the vintage fixture was, the more likely Linda would say YES! Well, years ago Linda sent ME a light. This light. It had issues and Linda knew she would never address them, so she gifted the fixture to me. And for years and years it sat, hidden in a  box, in my vast storage vaults. Until…now.


The fixture is from the 1920s, is by Empire, and is stunningly made. And, wow, that lilac-colored ceramic vase! Wow!


It’s a thrill bringing this long hidden fixture back to life! Thanks, Linda!



My online vintage lighting store.





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  1. Stewart McLean on March 5, 2019 at 7:47 pm

    One of my favorite old porcelains is pink luster or lustre as it is often called. (Look at it on eBay if you don’t know what it is.) The vase in the center does have the appearance of this type of finish. To me, not only is it luscious, but it is lustrous as well.

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