A Moderne Beauty

For years now I had a pendant fixture sitting in the dark recesses of my vast storage vaults.

This week, I hauled it out.


And may I introduce an amazing circa-1940 Moderne-style pendant?


Moderne is an aesthetic that developed after the Art Deco period. This aesthetic was relatively short-lived, and reached the height of its popularity in the late 1930s. Emerald City, in the movie Wizard of Oz, is Moderne gone Hollywood. Many lighting fixtures labeled Art Deco are more accurately Moderne.


The fixture accepts a 300W bulb, but only the very bottom of the bulb is visible. The fixture is designed to diffuse much of this brilliance.


I love the style of the fixture, and the concentric rings.


Toooooooo yummy.


I want to buy a house like this just so I can fill it with Moderne-styled lighting.




My online vintage lighting store.




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