A Moderne Kitchen Fixture


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About three years ago I purchased this circa-1940 Moderne ceiling fixture. Although a commercial fixture, today it would be prized in a kitchen.


But for the life of me I could not figure out how to attach it to the electrical box! So it sat for three years and I just assumed part of the fixture was missing.


Yesterday though I picked up the fixture, stared at it, and stared some more, but could find no evidence that a part WAS missing. Geez, this curious fixture was getting ever more curious by the minute!

So, if no parts were missing, then how did it attach to the ceiling????????

I stared some more.

Then I tugged at a hidden piece at the very top. Did this piece pull away somehow? So I tugged and tugged and tugged and all of a  sudden it pulled totally away. And then everything made sense.

The hidden piece attaches to the electrical box. Then the body of the fixture is pushed through three long threaded rods, and the whole is screwed together.

Weird, but ingenious.


The huge shade (18-inches wide!) proved another mystery. Did one really have to remove this huge fragile thing to change a bulb?


Oh! Why no! The incredible Fresnel-like glass disk on the bottom unclips, and hinges down. Effortless!



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  1. Sandra Lee on March 20, 2018 at 5:08 pm

    Moderne— both modern, ingenious & timeless!

    I learn so much from these posts!

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