The Cross House

A New, Tiny, Discovery!

This is the Long Bedroom. Its stained-glass is currently being restored. See the corner to the right?


See the hole in the wall?


It’s a gas pipe with original wiring! I just found this today! I was crawling in the attic space of the third floor, and saw a gas line. What, I thought, is a gas line doing WAY over here? I traced it, and found that it ended in the corner of the Long Bedroom!


The location is odd for two reasons. First, it is low. None of the other wall sconce location in the house (most rooms have at least two) are this low. Second, why only one sconce in the corner? All the other sconce locations are for pairs.

My theory is that this single, low location was for a sconce over a desk.

Seem right?




16 Responses to A New, Tiny, Discovery!

    • A vanity would have has sconces to each side, for even light. Right?

      The round bedroom has a pair of sconce locations for what I assume was a dressing table.

    • I have to agree. A desk would have been in another room, Lord knows the Cross family had enough money and space for a separate office!

    • I agree. Note that when you’re sitting with your back to the corner that the light will be falling over your left shoulder. This allows your right hand to hold a book or letter without creating a shadow.

  1. Seems like a great spot for a comfy chair and a side table laden with classic novels.

    Light the gaslight, sit back leisurely in your silk dressing gown and matching slippers, pick up a novel and relax before bedtime.

  2. This is the wrong place for one, but I don’t know where else to mention that my mother-in-law (many decades ago) had a natural gas iron. Of course, something like that should have gone in the sewing room!

  3. Perhaps I am crazy, but the first thing I thought of was a gas jet for heating a curling iron. I don’t know why that popped into my head but it did. Might that be possible?

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