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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This is a political post.

If you hate politics and current events, don’t scroll down.





























21 Responses to A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

    • Dawn, thanks for the link. I note it was published March 16, 2017. It should be repeated ad infinitium because it apparently has fallen on deaf ears. I cannot abide members of the Holy Hypocrites R Us cult.

  1. Well, there’s LEGAL immigration, as seen in the picture, and there’s ILLEGAL immigration as seen in the caravan. Not sure why it is so hard to see the difference. BTW, according to the imbedded reporters, most of the people in the caravan offered asylum in Mexico refused it to keep coming to the US. That’s not how political asylum works.

      • Oh, and where’s your evidence that they were legal immigrants? I’ll bet 80% of those people came to the U.S. and Canada illegally. Don’t forget that “wop” means WithOut Papers.

        • The fact that “wop” and “WithOut Papers” appear to be similar is a coincidence. “Wop” is an example of turning an immigrant’s own language against him:

          wop noun, often capitalized
          \ˈwäp \
          Definition of wop

          —used as an insulting and contemptuous term for a person of Italian birth or descent

          First Known Use of wop: 1906, in the meaning defined above

          History and Etymology for wop:
          Italian dialect “guappo” swaggerer, tough, from Spanish “guapo”, probably from Middle French dialect “vape, wape” weak, insipid, from Latin “vappa” wine gone flat


          “Kike” is another example:

          Noun (plural kikes)

          (US, highly offensive, slur) A Jew.

          Possibly from Yiddish קײַקל (kaykl, “circle”). (In the early 20th century, Jews immigrating to the Americas would sign papers with a circle instead of an X, the latter being the more common practice amongst non-English speaking immigrants.)

          • Huh. All my Italian ex- wife’s relatives swore up and down it meant what I said. I love the internet.

    • Dear Pat,

      There is nothing illegal about the caravan.


      What you wrote is a lie.

      In order to seek asylum in America, a person HAS TO STEP ONTO AMERICAN SOIL to request asylum. And this is 100% legal.

      And the people in the caravan are no different in what they are doing than the people crowded into the ship above. The only difference is one group is walking across land, and one group is steaming across the sea. But all, once here, have to request asylum or state a wish to immigrate.

      Yes, most people in the caravan would rather come to America than stay in Mexico. And why? Because America is perceived as offering greater opportunities, a view which has attracted people from all over the world for more than two centuries. And this is what made America the most powerful nation on Earth.

      NOTE: It costs America about $500M annually to take in immigrants and offer assistance for one year. Sounds like a lot, right? But the Trump administration spent $2 BILLION, during a two-month period, to steal kids from potential immigrants, lock them up, and then warehouse the adults.

      NOTE: Our annual $500M cost to take in immigrants is an excellent investment, for immigrants massively contribute to the national coffers once they are settled. See here. And here. Even illegal immigrants immigrants pay billions of dollars in federal taxes each year. See here.

      NOTE: A great many people in the caravan are fleeing situations which America helped to create.

  2. I teach English as a foreign language to adults who have all immigrated to the United States. My students come from all over the world. Some of them are refugees, some of them have won the lottery, some of them are asylum-seekers – all of them come here for an opportunity for a better life. They work diligently to learn English and to become contributing members of our society. Very few of them receive any kind of public assistance and their contribution to our community is invaluable.

    We have to know that people only leave their lives when they become absolutely unbearable. Nobody decides to come to the United States on a lark, nobody chooses to uproot his/her whole existence because s/he thinks it will be fun. People choose to come to the United States so that they can offer their children a better opportunity for the American dream.

    When I ask my students what their favorite part of the United States is, most of them reply freedom and safety. We Americans are so fortunate that we can choose to change anything about ourselves and our circumstances at any time. We have options and opportunities that others never even dream of. America is a wealthy, spacious, clean land full of opportunity. There’s room aplenty for those who come to us for comfort and aid.

    All of our lives can be enriched by people from other cultures and backgrounds. There is so much we could learn about ourselves if we are open to other perspectives.

    • Christine, what a beautiful comment.

      These last two years have shaken, a bit, my faith in humanity but after reading your words, my faith is restored. What you articulate — humanity, generosity, fascination, respect, and love — is what made America great.

      It is no coincidence that America became the most powerful nation on earth BECAUSE it has been blessed with more diversity than any nation. It’s just like with any ecosystem; the most diverse are the healthiest.

      So, Christine, thank you. Thank you soooooo much!

      Much love,


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