A Tale Of Two Parties

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I have done numerous posts about how hard the Democratic Party works to help makes the lives of most Americans better.

Conversely, the Republican Party works hard to harm most Americans. And now they are working…in plain sight…to also destroy Democracy.

Yet people I know who are intelligent and caring keep voting R. In talking with them however the exact same pattern always unfolds:

  1. Everything they believe about their party is a lie.
  2. Everything they believe about Democrats is a lie.
  3. And NOTHING I can say or show them convinces them otherwise.

So, this post is not intended to change a single R mind. Such minds are allergic to reality. Rather, if you vote for the Democratic Party, you may not be aware of just how much the Democrats in Congress, and the Biden Administration, is accomplishing. NOTE: The media is much more interested in discussing Trump 24/7 than reporting just how much Democrats are accomplishing to help the American people.

Just now, the House voted for the House Passes Inflation Reduction Act. The Act will:

  • lower prescription drug costs,
  • address global warming,
  • raise taxes on some billion-dollar corporations
  • and reduce the federal deficit

These are all good things. The act will not raise taxes on a single person earning less than $400,000 a year.

This is great legislation.

How many Democrats voted for the act? All 220.

How many Republicans voted for the act? 0.

Yep, Zero.

This is to be expected, of course, from a party only interested in harming most Americans.


Thank you, Mr. President.


Oh, and…




Compare all this with Trump’s four years. Republicans talked about improving the infrastructure of America. And, during Trump’s first two years, the party had absolute power.

So what did they accomplish with this absolute power? Nothing to help most Americans. They did though reduce taxes on the very richest of people, and lower taxes on huge corporations.

And infrastructure? It never even came up for a vote.

Two parties.

With totally opposite agendas:

  • One is for the people.
  • One is against the people.

I’m a proud Democrat.






  1. Judy Gutierrez on August 12, 2022 at 8:01 pm

    Here Here!!! Ross, you really do have great political posts. Thank you for not being afraid of voicing the truth!!!

  2. LS on August 12, 2022 at 8:57 pm


    You do have an impact. I was a registered Republican, bc that is what my parents were when I was 18. As I have grown, I have always felt in the middle of the two, or so I thought. I never voted straight Dem or Republican, always who I thought was the lesser of the evils to me. As times have changed and I read more, thought more, and observed more, I found that didn’t quite fit me or my beliefs. Reading your blogs, specifically political ones, as well as just becoming more informed. Actually reading about first-hand narratives, and not what MSM puts out, I shifted, and did more research, because of you. And changed my party affliction.

    Thank you.

    • Ross on August 12, 2022 at 9:09 pm

      WOW, LS.

      I’m quite touched by your post.

      BIG hug!

      • LS on August 12, 2022 at 10:20 pm

        Thank you sincerely!

  3. Karen on August 12, 2022 at 9:00 pm

    I am also a proud Democrat.

  4. mlaiuppa on August 12, 2022 at 10:39 pm

    None of that is going to matter in three months.

    Inflation is at zero from June to July. Price at the pump is coming down.

    All those Republican talking points aren’t going to matter.

    If Democrats think they can win in November on Roe v Wade, they’re wrong too.

    What needs to be hammered is what happened at Mar-A-Lago this week. Trump is a criminal. He is guilty of several violations of U.S. law at the felony level. He is the only former U.S. president to remove 35 boxes of sensitive security files to the basement of his private home. A Felony. The only one to incite sedition to block the peaceful transfer of a legitimate election (he has constantly attacked) in order to stay in power. A Felony. Espionage Act. Atomic Energy Act. Presidential Records Act. Racketeering. Election Fraud Solicitation. Interference with Performance of Election Duties. Witness Tampering. Tax Evasion. The list goes on. They should have got him for violating the Emoluments clause as well. The only U.S. President to be impeached TWICE. That last is *ALL* on Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party.

    The Democrats need to use Trump as a cudgel against every Republican running for any office who still supports Trump, still spews the Big Lie, still embraces anything that supports, protects or defends the many CRIMES of Donald John Trump and his fellow conspirators. They need to repeat it, beat it into the brains of all of the voters. These people are traitors. These people are putting a criminal above country. These people don’t care about you and here is why. Over and over and over.

    They need to plagiarize the entire Republican dirty play book and beat them at their own game.

    It’s not enough to be able to govern. First you have to get elected. So the Democrats better forget about that loser “high road” and play as dirty as it takes to get elected. Then do it again. And again. They need to start to do anything to win, just like the Republicans because the second we have a Republican President or the Republicans attain majorities in the House or the Senate, the great experiment Franklin warned us about being able to keep will be lost. We are that close to Fascism. We have three years to beat back the wolf that is approaching the door. Once he is in, we are lost and what we have lost we will never get back.

    • Ross on August 12, 2022 at 11:27 pm

      Dear Mary,

      1) I’ve previously detailed how Liberal and Conservative brains are hardwired quite differently. As such, what works to get Conservatives to the voting booths will fail with Liberals. And vice versa.

      2) I deeply believe that Roe will still, very much, be an issue come November. Indeed, as you know, here in CONSERVATIVE Kansas, Liberal voters recently hugely outflanked Conservative voters to protect the freedom of a women to choose what is right for her.

      3) Since the Supreme Court demolished Roe, small donations to the R party have dropped about 12%. This is unprecedented during a mid-term election year. Conversely, donations to the D party have jumped about 21%.

      4) The 1/6 hearings, which will soon resume, are doing a very good job of showing all good people how corrupt Trump and his supporters are. And the stunning new revelations about Trump stealing documents is all over the media.

      5) Pew recently did a detailed study revealing that the die-hard GOP voting base is the Silent Generation, people 75+ years. This base is dying at a clip, and every younger generation (including Boomers, like me) vote more D than R. And the GOP tactic of demonizing the LGBTQ community, the overt racism of the GOP, the denial of climate change of the GOP, and so on, is repulsing young voters.

      6) In 2018, for the first time, more young people voted then older people. This has since accelerated because the Silent Generation (see above) is dying off, as well as Boomers.

      The only real issue, to me, is the mainstream media. It continues to downplay the horrors of the GOP while ignoring the great successes of the Democratic party in Congress and of the Biden administration. They did this to Obama while in office, too.

      In short though, the GOP is doing a very good job of destroying itself. Democrats do NOT need to adopt GOP tactics.

      • mlaiuppa on August 13, 2022 at 7:41 am

        There are those that are neither Conservative nor Liberal. They are the ones that can and need to be persuaded. If everyone was hardwired to never accept change we wouldn’t be seeing Republicans leaving the party because of Trump and what the current “Republicans” are doing (or not doing). They don’t really need to vote Democrat, just NOT vote Republican. But if they can be persuaded to vote Democratic, all the better.

        Oh, Roe will absolutely be an issue. But it won’t be and shouldn’t be the only issue and if the Democrats rely only on Roe ads it won’t be enough. Plus there is the problem of voters blaming the SCOTUS and not the Republicans. The DNC should include the economy, jobs reports, etc. Accomplishments certainly. But the time when elections were just won on merit and accomplishments is long gone. The corruption and criminality of the Republican party and Trump and his Congressional supporters in particular should be a big chunk of the campaign and it should be pushed. Voters have very short memories. They’ll need to be constantly reminded of what the Republicans have done and plan to do.

        The Jan 6 committee has been doing an excellent job and I fully expect the hearings in September to be even more jaw-dropping than July. More witnesses, more evidence. More disgust at the previous administration. But again, the voters will need to be reminded, especially for 2024.

        I also expect there will be further revelations from the fallout of the Mar-A-Lago search. I am hoping there will be some eye-witnesses to the removal of those boxes from the White House and the storage of them in the basement of Mar-A-Lago. Maybe even some indictments of those that helped Trump to remove those materials and hide them.

        While the Republican base is aging and dying off, there are a whole different mindset of people joining the Republican Party. Probably not replacing them at the same rate the oldsters are dying off but enough to keep the Party alive and at the same time tilting it even more radically right. The older generation believed in the values of the Eisenhower Republican party. These new Trump Republicans are very different. They are active and willing to go out and break the law in the name of their Führer. Each generation may be more Democrat than Republican and they may be repulsed by Trump and what the Republican Party has become but there is still a small faction that are embracing the new Trump Republicans because they can practice their hate out in the open.

        The Silent generation is dying off but a much more vocal, active and racist group is replacing them in the Republican Party. They can’t be persuaded. But there are independent voters that belong to neither party that can be. They are the ones that need to be swung blue or at least be convinced not to vote red. If they are repelled by both parties they must be persuaded that the Republicans are much more repellant than the Democrats. And sitting back and relying on the Republicans to sink themselves isn’t viable. That is passive. We need to be proactive. We need to control the narrative. Like shooting down any Republican that tries to take credit for something they voted against.

        Aside from Fox, I don’t think we have to worry about the media embracing Trump this go around. They want ratings and right now they’ll get their ratings by exposing Trump’s criminal activities. His 440 “5ths” in New York, the 35 boxes in the basement and hopefully a trial in Georgia. They are fickle and only concerned with the ratings that will bring in advertising money. They have no loyalty and will turn on Trump. Will they tout Biden’s accomplishments? No. Boring. Will they show b-roll of him falling off his bike and unable to put in his jacket? Yep. Do they have undue influence? You betcha. They are as much responsible for Trump getting elected as Comey was. They made him seem viable. But they can destroy him just as easily. So we’ll be looking at another candidate, probably DeSantis. If it’s Biden versus DeSantis it will be up to the Democrats to hammer the Republicans on all fronts, Roe, Trump, Covid, everything, because the media will go with whoever brings in the ratings. It will be easier for them to report Biden’s approval rating and bash him with b-roll etc. It’s up to the Democrats to fight. Fight hard. Fight Dirty. Fight to win. Thinking the GOP won’t need any help destroying themselves is the same mistake made in 2016, taking for granted and assuming people would see that compared to Hilary Trump was totally unqualified and didn’t have the brains or temperament to be President. We cannot assume anything. We can’t take anything for granted. Democrats need to fight in every race and they need to do so aggressively, no holds barred. They absolutely need to adopt GOP tactics and do them one better.

  5. Jean on August 13, 2022 at 8:39 am

    I have given up trying to talk to Trump Republicans. They only make up a third of voters. We need to concentrate on getting voters out this November. We outnumber MAGA, but they are better at being a coordinated effort. They get marching orders on what to say, and they actually follow them. Democrats are already questioning if Biden should run in 2024. We need to stop bickering about this and unite, and vote. That’s my two cents and I’m sticking to it! Love you.

  6. Laurie L Weber on August 13, 2022 at 5:44 pm

    I also saw a thing today showing Hillary Clinton had testified for 11 hours when asked to, and Trump pled the 5th over 400 times. Amazing….. 🙂

  7. Terri mc on August 14, 2022 at 7:25 pm

    Thanks Ross! Love these posts too! I was waiting for one ALL week!

    Only thing I can add is for all of us to buckle up! The ride will be getting very bumpy! Once trump has charges, the MAGA base is going to really go crazy ( more than we’ve seen this week). Stay safe and I look forward to your next posts!

  8. Karen Spencer on August 14, 2022 at 9:22 pm

    Thanks for this post Ross.

    Joe Biden and the Dems had a great week. The Biden administration has done a lot to help people as you say, and this last bill, including climate and healthcare reform, was majorly important.

    I was dismayed that Trump stole our thunder when raided by the FBI, but that needed to be done.

    We proud Dems need to keep talking about the party’s achievements. I’ve always been surprised that we are not so adept at getting our important message out.

    There is work to be done.

    Thank you for making our Democratic accomplishments clear. You do have reach!

  9. Cindy Belanger on August 14, 2022 at 9:45 pm

    Exactly! I agree with you 100%. Unbelievable how so many millions of Republicans can be so brainwashed. We need every Democrat to vote and win by a landslide in November, so there is no question who the winners are.

    Here is an easy program from Vote Forward writing letters to Democratic voters who haven’t voted in a while. You print a batch of letters that you have signed up for on the website. They are preprinted with a space to write your own comments on why you are voting. Make out an envelope with the assigned names, put stamp on and mail on October 29th. See below for all the details.

    Go to: https://votefwd.org/dashboard to sign up.


  10. Linda A. on August 15, 2022 at 10:08 am

    Thanks for this post, Ross.
    So true.
    The Republican party has been overtaken by idiocy. Friends of mine who are Trumpers have lost their minds.
    We can only talk to each other about trivial things because they are stubbornly clinging to the horrible false narrative of the Republican party…at least all the zombies who support the orange man.
    It is unbelievable to me that the friends of mine who support the Republicans and Trump are well educated, highly successful people (many who say they are Christians) …and still devoutly support asinine, government officials like Hawley, Cruz, Graham, McConnell, Taylor-Greene ( double ugh😝) and of course their ignorant leader.
    It totally demonstrates how Hitler rose to power. But still unbelievable. And sad.

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