One of my favorite movies is the 1951 classic The Day The Earth Stood Still. Well, I recently purchased an amazing light fixture which, surely, came from the spaceship in the movie!


See! I am not kidding! Wow! WOW!


OK. I am kidding. The fixture is, I think, from the 1940s, and was created by the Luminous Equipment Company of Chicago. To one side of the ribbed glass shade is a wondrous clear spherical section. This is, I presume, for directional lighting. So, if the fixture were on your kitchen ceiling, you would point the clear sphere towards, say, the sink for additional lighting. In any event, I just LOVE the clear sphere!




The scale is impressive. The top width is 20-inches. The shade is almost 14-inches wide. The height is 10-inches.

The shade sits in a metal ring, which is attached by two clips to the upper housing. The clips have short chains which prevent them from accidentally opening. Cool.

The upper housing is surrounded by distinctive holes to help with ventilation. The bottom of the glass shade also has a hole to aid with ventilation.

There are three sockets, each accepting a 100W bulb.

Well, now I have to go watch a 1951 movie classic…



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