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AFTER Thanksgiving at the Cross House UPDATE

Added to the guest list is young Brian, and Don and EJ will be stopping by after dinner, around 2PM.

So, this means 25 now for dinner!


Today, I added all the extensions to the Baker table, and it is now almost 12-feet long. It is VERY dramatic in person and, oddly, does not look large in the LARGE room. Tomorrow, I am building benches for people to sit on. I was thinking that for a tablecloth it would be…appropriate to use a painters drop cloth.





10 Responses to AFTER Thanksgiving at the Cross House UPDATE

  1. Hi Ross. I love the idea of this gathering, and wish I’d been in the US this week so I could attend.I returned from there last week. I had planned to make a trip to Kansas but things went a bit haywire so I was not able to. Hopefully at some point early next year I can cadge a tour of your wonderful home.
    I’ll wish everyone who attends a wonderful post Thanksgiving time.

  2. Ross, I wish I could be there to too! But sadly still stuck in Michigan ????. The high here is 33????, and my house not nearly as Grand nor the company as interesting ????.

  3. I am so bummed I can’t make it! 🙁 It sounds like the most fun ever! Those who are going – if someone takes a video of touring the house, you will MAKE. MY. YEAR!! 🙂

    I hope you all have an amazing time so Ross wants to do it again next year! 🙂

  4. I’m jealous! I will miss all those interesting and knowledgeable conversations that will be taking place around that 12 foot table. I can picture it and I know I will be missing something absolutely GRAND!! I do so wish I could have came! Have a wonderful time!

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