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AFTER Thanksgiving at the Cross House UPDATE

Today, I put on the tablecloth. It is a painter’s drop cloth, which seems highly appropriate. I am hoping it is less wrinkled by Friday. I also built two benches out of old wood. The room is soooooooo surreal. Missing plaster, rough wooden benches, a rough table cloth….but all graced by a glittering crystal chandelier. The scene makes me smile.


And this is the current prediction. This makes me smile, too.




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  1. It’s going to be a beautiful day for a beautiful dinner with beautiful friends under a BEAUTIFUL chandelier!! I can’t wait to meet everyone.

  2. Dear Ross,
    Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving and good spirits for your preparations of tomorrows event. I would have loved to join you if I would not live sooooo far away. To fly in from Vienna,Austria would likely have won me a medal of craziness 🙂
    Enjoy your wonderful dinner, pleasant company and cheers to you and all of your guests.
    Warm greetings from far far away

  3. Protip: spray your tablecoth with water from a squirt bottle, smooth it out by hand, let air dry. It won’t be perfect, yet better.

  4. Wow, I truly wish I could be there amongst fellow Cross House enthusiasts walking through the halls with you all. Well, I’ll be there in spirit.
    Enjoy and be full of thanks.

  5. All the imperfections to yet be corrected only add to the glamour. Put drop cloth in dryer with a few wet towels , take out after 15 min and smooth out over table. Spray bottle trick for any tuff wrinkles should to it. Save me a reservation for next year please.

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